Japanese women's champion in matters of sex

The Japanese are not only known resilient in the works, but also matters of sex. The average woman in the land of the Rising Matahahari, can still have sex at the age of 86 years.

Life expectancy of Japanese women sex is putting the world's longest. Similarly, data released by the World Health Organization (WHO) said Telegraph.co.uk. WHO collects data based on reports since 2007.

Meanwhile, men who have sex the longest life expectancy is a resident of San Marino. At an average age of 81 years, men of San Marino can still have sex. Men in Sierra Leone has a life expectancy sex recorded the lowest average, at 39 years. While life expectancy of Afghan women have sex an average of 42 years.

WHO data also mentioned, Angola, Eritrea, and Liberia showed positive developments in the hopes of the age sex. While Botswana, Kenya, and Lesotho has decreased since 1990. The flat is one of 100 health trends, released by WHO.

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