incredible, blind skateboarder became the talk of the internet

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Tommy Carroll makes a public figure amazed with strong determination in overcoming the limitations of the body. Although blind from infancy, but Tommy could be a skateboarder. This ability also makes Tommy celebrity on the Internet.

Now Tommy courage to slide across the board skateboard was appointed as an inspiration to other young people around the world. Video action of men who lived in Glenview, Illinois, United States This has been viewed nearly half a million times on Vimeo. Legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, and even never specifically asked Tommy to play as amazed by his determination.

Tommy blindness at the age of 2 years because the cancer attacks the retina of his eye. He had just started to explore skateboard age 10 until now. Northwestern University student pleaded counting on as a guide to slide.

"Everything I do when driving by sound. Voice I constantly use tires to make sure there are no obstacles in the path of my trajectory or not and also feel the direction," Tommy said in his video. "There's always a way to overcome obstacles if you really want it."

Tommy is also admitted to practice at the arena skateboard like lonely to be free to use it alone. He also often fell to his teeth had been broken, but he did not give up. "Fall is one of the capabilities that will continue to improve in line with the increase in your ability," he added.

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