woman breastfeeding a monkey, monkey lucky

unique newsA woman from Nanyang, Henan Province, China, was willing to breast-feed the monkeys through her ​​own breasts. In fact, not only one, but there is a lot that he breast-fed infant monkeys.

"Sometimes, some baby monkey climbed into our bed at night to feed, I feel they are like my children," said Jiao Xinzhen who is now aged 27, told Digital Spy.

Xinzhen was already married, and babies who are breastfed her monkey is a monkey training school founded by her husband, Huang Aiqing.

I was so pleased with the monkeys, he and his wife even adopt one monkey from the academy to be a playmate for his son, Ti.

The man was 34 years in the territory is well known recruitment agency young monkeys to work in film, circus, theater, street performances, and etc.

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