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unique catsVenus is the world's most mysterious cats. These cats have traits that can not be clearly explained by science. Venus has two faces and blue eyes.

 Venus faces split in two. One side of the face is black cat with green eyes. Meanwhile, the other side is brown orange with blue eyes. This cat right face "split" in the middle.

Eyes Venus also in blue, while the eyes of a cat like are usually yellow or green. Blue eyes are usually obtained on the type of Siamese cat or a cat mostly white body.
unique cats
Leslie Lyons, a professor from the University of California, Davis, who studies the genetics of the cat said, "She (Venus) is very, very rare. But you can explain and understand."

Many reports explain that Venus is a chimera. In mythology, the chimera was a monster that is a combination of a variety of animals. Meanwhile, the cat is a cat chimera with two types of DNA, occurs because the fusion of two embryos.

unique catsCats are not rare chimera. Many types of tortoiseshell male cat who is a chimera. Black and orange spots indicate that the cat has an extra X chromosome

However, the female cat already has two X chromosomes So, the orange spots may appear without the extra X chromosome Thus, it is clear that Venus is not a chimera.

Lyons suspect trait arises because the perkmbangan Venus. At first, the genes that determine the coloring of black work on one side of the face and gene staining orange on the other face. When developed, the two met right in the middle, resulting in a cat that has two faces.

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