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once this happens a lot to me, what confusion will be written for a later article. probably other bloggers, or you've been there. consequently neglected blog because there are no postings.

I have been to reduce barriers in obtaining writing ideas

1. open job postings
like writing my blog traffic increase is, in fact more which must be spelled out there. therefore, develop the content of your postings.

2. respond to blog comments
some blog visitors may leave questions, suggestions or justify the content of our writing. then use this to increase the number of articles of your blog. so that we can simultaneously interact with the blog visitors.

3. do blog walking
blog walking can enrich our ideas in writing a post, but who must remember not to copy the article in it raw but take a useful course. if you want to copy it raw or source link blog include the contents of the article under the ethics of blogging this post because you are not in the classified for bloggers and memperpuruk spamming your blog in the eyes of search engines.

4. use google trends
in google trends we can find out what's hot in the country and what the theme again for conversation. so will generate ideas for your posts.

5. open social bookmarking
by opening the social bookmarking such as traffic news, we can know the theme, articles hot, top ten article.

6. print and electronic media
such as social bookmarking, in the real world, print and electronic media is the thing you need to consider the idea of posting obtained. a longer warm in the real world, why do not you discuss in the Ethernet world.

7. see the number of article category
Other bloggers rarely use this idea, but I sometimes use it. see the article category and see the number of its news, sometimes arises a desire to equalize the number of posts in each category.

diatasdapat tips may increase your appetite and get ideas your posts

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belajar drum said...

wah makasih udah berbagi ilmunya Gan, blognya bagus, banyak tulisan (pengetahuan) yang bisa dibaca, salam kenal.....

widhi eko said...

thanks dah berbagi ilmu tentang adsesne. :)
thanks ya bos :)

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