perfume from human feces | unique news

Jammie British artist Nicholas Using his own faeces as raw materials for perfumes, which he called "surplus". Believe it or not, he has sold 25 bottles of it, for $ 65 a pop.

In an interview with, Nicholas said he got the idea to produce a special perfume after reading the Book Entitled "The History of Hell", by Dominique Laporte, who "which analyzes the theoretical and social implications of dirt, and his role as One of Working disebuah building materials for cosmetics. This shows that the sweet aroma is used to cover up the odor, so that it can be suggested that the bad smell can be used to cover a pleasant smell. "After doing some research and talking with a group of perfume and scientists, he learned there are molecules that are common to both good and bad odor, just in different concentrations. For example, both dirt and white flowers such as juniper or orange flowers are made ​​of molecules skatol. He also found that many food companies use items such as ferrets, an emulation of the anal secretions of the civet cat, and ambergis, which mimics gallstone sperm whale.

Asked about the actual production process of the perfume on his stool, Jammie said it all happened in his apartment, where he works with all open windows and use nose plugs. It took him only a week to extract "essential oil" from the dirt, then spend much longer set the device of distillation and mixing potions crazy. He made a total of 85 bottles of 60 ml, and somehow managed to actually sell 25 of them.

Although the artist himself admits he only perfume Using Surplus in personal event, but what about others who have tried.

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