high heels shoes is made of chocolate

high heels shoes is made of chocolate
Women love chocolate and high heels, then what happens if it is put together? Andrea Pedrazza also combine in the form of high heels made ​​from chocolate.

 Chocolatier chocolates Texan makes these shoes look as realistic as possible. He made it by way of pouring chocolate into molds made ​​of plastic shoes. He also made ​​detailed shoes like polka-dot motif or coloring inside.

Of the many works of Andrea, shaped chocolate Christian Louboutin shoes with red soles are the most popular. To make the red soles, he used ganache as a coloring material. Creation could fetch USD 35 a pair.

CocoAndre chocolate shop owner also claimed to be the best Valentine's Day busy for him. Sometimes brown shoes just so direct consumer purchase. The men often ordered chocolate favorite shoe design with the wife or girlfriend as a Valentine's gift.

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