monkey a waitress in Japan

monkey was originally just imitate the way the owner of a restaurant serving customers. Now the two monkeys that keep the restaurant as a waitress.

 A restaurant in Tokyo, Japan has an unusual employee. Restaurant called Kayabuki in northern Tokyo employs two monkeys as employees.

Even for the more "humanizing" the two monkeys, the owner of the restaurant is even wearing masks of human faces for both.

Both monkeys called Yat-chan and Fuku-chan to work as a waiter. Yat-chan 16-year-old with swift moves among the tables as he took the order tetamu visitors.

Meanwhile, Fuku-chan to bring a warm towel for visitors and help them wash their hands before enjoying food and drinks.

Believe it or not, these two monkeys is registered with the government as an employee of the restaurant. The diners seem to like being served two cute monkeys. They sometimes get a tip from a visitor in the form of a few grains of beans.

"Monkeys are even better than some human servant," said Takayoshi Soeno, a visitor to the restaurant.

Yat-chan and Fuku-chan started out as a pet the owner of a restaurant, Kaoru Otsuka.

However, Chan Yat-slowly began to imitate what Kaoru when serving guests. Initially he only noticed but over time he can do all of servants.

"Yat-chan first pay attention to the way I work in a restaurant," said Kaoru.

"It all started when I gave her a warm towel and he unexpectedly brought to the customer," recalls Kaoru.

Some customers, said Kaoru, even the two monkeys were treated like children.

"They're actually better. Son I never listen to me but Yat-chan will hear me," said Shiochi Yano (62), a regular visitor Kayabuki restaurant.

The visitors also say Yat-chan was able to remember a customer order.

"We asked for extra beer., And he immediately brought us a beer.'s Incredible to see him to understand human language," said the other visitors.

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