fidelity of a dog on his partner

unique news, fidelity of a dog on his partner
A male dog faithfully accompany their partner's body who died after hit by a car. This is proof that the animal also has a form of devotion, such as humans.

unique news, fidelity of a dog on his partner This heartbreaking story occurs when a female dog hit by a car. The body of the dog remains in the middle of the highway, no one is willing to move the body to stop these poor dogs. No man who cares about the fate of these poor dogs, even the most loyal partner by his side.

Many times the male dog is like trying to wake her partner. He pushed Cus snout in the body of the dead female. What power, his partner had died. The bodies of the bitch for hours in the middle of the road. The male dog is not concerned with a crowded vehicle traffic. Several times he avoid being run over, but she never left her partner.

A butcher named Xiao Wu who sells not far from the scene said the Dailymail, "male dog was kept by his side all day. Keeping him, licking and pushing, like trying to wake. It's very touching," he said. After the accident, Xiao Wu saw the male dog immediately walked over to the female, trying to hug the forefoot.
unique news, fidelity of a dog on his partner

Unfortunately, any attempt made ​​the male dogs in vain. The bitch is dead. Although male dog kept guard for 6 hours,'s body remains stiff and not moving. Until the body of the female dog was in the street, the male dog remains faithful to accompany him

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