pineapple with coconut flavor

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Pineapple with coconut flavor, you definitely do not have ya feeling but it feels coconut pineapple. yes indeed kind of pineapple was indeed not there, so there'll never feel the pineapple coconut flavor. But in Australia pineapple coconut flavor was not long before you know.

 Australian scientists are developing a new type of pineapple with a unique flavor that pineapple with coconut flavor. Pineapple with a unique flavor according to the news department of the State of Queensland agriculture, Australia, has entered in the last experiment if the experiment succeeded last selsai and then australia will have a new type of pineapple with savory flavors like coconut. This unique pineapple will be named 'AusFestival Pineapple'.

"The test proved that the pineapple flavor is AusFestival champion. He has a taste like coconut that you will not find on any pineapple in Australia, "said Garth Sanewski, horticulture experts from the Department of Agriculture State of Queensland as quoted dariPalingseru

"Pineapple has a sweet flavor, low acid, and very juicy," he added.

Making pineapple with coconut flavor is actually just a coincidence previous researchers never plan to make a pineapple with a unique flavor, but the development of research carried out at that time just wanted to make a pineapple flavor tastes very good.

"When we are developing, we are not making coconut or pineapple taste other flavors. We're just trying to make a pineapple that has a good taste. We just want to make varieties of pineapple are sweet, low-acid, and have a scent. "

Now we wait for the results of research conducted so researchers in Australia to complete the new pineapple with coconut flavor.

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