Women in China, 2 thousand Raising Giant Rats

Most people are afraid and disgusted look especially large rats, but not with this woman. Shi Beidan maintaining and even raising a puppy the size of a rat. He mengembangbiakkannya for sale to the market.

Originally Shi found a huge rat in his kitchen, which he caught and ate bamboo. Now he has to maintain two thousand giant rat at his home in Congjiang, Guizhou province, China. Profession as farmers were left to focus on raising bamboo growing rats.

High popularity finally made Congjiang bamboo rats have 18 farms and two will grow next year. These mice also proliferate rapidly by giving birth to 5 children a year.

Rat is a species of bamboo rats are considered as pests in some Asian countries, but appreciated in China. There can be appreciated bamboo rat meat four times more expensive than chicken and pork. Many people believe eating mice can prevent hair loss and warm the body.

Rats bamboo can grow up to a size of 50 cm with a weight up to 4 kg. In addition to a meal, bamboo rat fur can be used to make coats.

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