Onion Kiss, Super Junior's Siwon WITH Oh Ji Eun

Onion Kiss, Super Junior's Siwon WITH Oh Ji Eun
A while ago Super Junior's Choi Siwon was diving kiss scene with Oh Ji Eun onions in the series "King of Dramas". This kissing scene was making a scene Siwon fans. To pamper the fans, the serial production was also leaked the process of filming the scene.

 Before filming began, director Siwon was taught the correct way to the scene. He told Siwon to move the cheek so that the scene really looks real and perfect.

Siwon also had joked before penggambilan image for that scene. 'I've never been kissed before, "Siwon said to laughter from the cast and crew on the set. Siwon even asked the director if he did the scene well after the shooting.

The fans were responding positively acting affectionately Siwon in the series. They find it very funny scene. "I want to kiss onions from the Siwon," said one fan. "Onions?? Oh my God," said another fan.

"King of Dramas" is a comedy series that tells the story of a producer, script writer and popular Hallyu star who work together on a new series together. The producers only care about money, while the scriptwriter wanted to make a love-themed series.

The series aired from November on SBS stations. The series "King of Dramas" directed by Hong Sung Chang and written script by Jang Hang Joon

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