justin makes lovelorn selena

Selena Gomez and Justin no longer hide their romance. Selena looked so in love. He always said the word love for Justin.

Young couples can be seen shopping at Armani Exchange, Fifth Avenue, Los Angeles on Thursday (30/06/2011). Both seem intimate and Selena say 'I Love You' on Justin.

"He said it many times," said a source quoted by Showbiz Spy, Friday (7/1/2011).

Both are seen almost every moment together. They make use of free time to accompany the activities of one another.

Some time ago Justin release a perfume potion called Someday. Selena also get the perfume from her boyfriend. Initially Selena wear fragrances to please Justin, but not anymore.

"Selena can one bottle but he stop wearing it when he knew the mother of Justin also wear them. Selena did not want to smell like the mother of Justin and he feels it is more fragrant to his fans," said the source.

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