beckham show off a new haircut

AWARE cut hair often becomes a trend, footballer David Beckham is not shy showing off a new hair style. Now, the 50's era look into the source of his inspiration.

The 35-year-old man shows a new haircut while watching the LA Lakers basketball game and the New Orleans Hornets at the Staples Centre, Los Angeles, recently.

Hair Style Victoria Beckham's husband is now looking hair styles inspired by the era of the 50's, by letting her hair tidy, looked wet, combed sideways and backwards. Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Friday (04/22/2011).

While watching the game, David looked relaxed fashion with a t-shirt and plain black jeans, and seen talking to several well-known star who helped to watch, like businessman Philip Frederick Anschutz, comedy actor Will Ferrell, and team president of AEG, Leiweke.

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