how to feel the kiss Justin Bieber

Japanese scientists create new technology that allows Internet users can feel the sensation of kissing partner's separate space and time. Even e-kiss, the name of the technology, can record the desired kiss like a celebrity world of Justin Bieber.

Nobuhiro Takahashi, a graduate student in Japan, making the tentacle attached to the mouth of a person. The shape is similar to a mechanized hose connected to the computer. The device can channel the vibrations that are sent from the virtual world.

"French Kiss can be saved," he said in the Daily Mail Friday, April 6, 2011. This tool is dedicated to unusual couples face to face.

Very easy to use. Someone live recording kiss through a tube that is able to record the vibrations of the tongue and lips. Of course, prior computer programming are used must be installed artificial Nobohiro e-kiss.

And what about the sensation of kissing celebrities? Users can just feel the sensation of kissing Justin Bieber, provided that certain celebrities that want to record a kiss terbaiiknya via e-kiss.

But the tool is not perfectly true. Nobuhiro claim to continue to develop. "This is just a first step," he said.

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