husband victoria, david beckham birthday

David Beckham has a different way to celebrate the 36th birthday yesterday, he spent time watching the NBA play-off party between the LA Lakers vs. Dallas Mavericks and also charity.
He seems to sit in the first row at the Staples Center, accompanied by his pal renowned Chef Gordon Ramsay. In addition to his age that this time the husband of Victoria Beckham is doing great charity work.

Working closely with the British media of The Sun he invites the reader the media to set aside money as many as 21 pound sterling to help children less fortunate that under the auspices of UNICEF.

He gave some funds to run the program soccer shoes for kids can not afford it, "football boots I get a prize when I was still so small, and I think it was the best gift I ever got,"

"Currently I still saw so many little kids just playing ball by collecting used goods, this is clearly not feasible and concern,"

"I've aged 36 years now. So I ask the help of all Sun readers to help me run this good,"

"Giving them rights and make my birthday to be the best that ever existed,"he said in The Sun.

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