victoria beckham spend £ 10 thousand for the baby

Victoria Beckham is very enthusiastic to welcome the birth of his fourth child. The sex of a baby who was conceived former Spice Girls are women. Victoria was the spirit of shopping to buy a candidate for her baby.

The wife of footballer David Beckham is spending money of £ 10 thousand to buy equipment newborn baby. Women are now more commonly known as the designer was buying all pink equipment to decorate the baby room at their residence in London.
Not only that, this pair also has prepared a nursery of luxury in their villa in France.

As quoted from M & C, Thursday, May 5, 2011, after her fourth child was born later, the couple Victoria and David Beckham are planning to build a vacation home. They want a home of luxury and calm while spending time with his children.

Reportedly, to build that dream house, a very famous couple has to spend £ 6 million

The couple already has three boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. However, this fourth pregnancy felt different because it's no secret if Victoria and David Beckham expecting a baby girl.

And their desire tewujud soon. Victoria is expected to give birth this summer. And for a while the couple were rumored to be settled in the UK.

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