photo appearances ufo in marriage william-kate

Apparently Prince William and Kate Middleton have uninvited guests at the wedding of his kingdom. Reportedly, the UFO hovering in place of their marriage.

A tourist reported the successful recording of a UFO hovering above Westminster Abbey, where the royal wedding. Two and a half minute video that shows an object shining in a cloudless sky near the Big Ben.

Looks shiny object that moves to and fro and changing shape. It also had split into three parts such as the USS Enterprise aircraft star of the TV series Star Trek.

"First we thought it was a parachute that flew too high," said the tourist was quoted as saying by the Sun.

It changes shape but remains above Westminster Abbey for 30 minutes and then disappeared, tourist information.

The apparition was spread right after the United States Air Force predicts the emergence of aliens who visit Earth to see William and Kate get married

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