Victoria bechkham reject poses nude

'Victoria bechkham' reject poses nude

Some women OnFire Hollywood has expressed their feeling of happiness and pride when pregnant by posing naked in magazines. Victoria Beckham is also getting the same offer. However, Victoria refused.

Wife of footballer David Beckham has revealed he was keen to show off her pregnancy by posing naked. "I'm not one who likes to go outside and then posed nude while pregnant," Victoria said as quoted from Digital Spy, Friday, July 1, 2011.

Vicoria admitted he is blessed with the fourth pregnancy. He is also proud of her because of her pregnancy was enlarged. However, he felt his happiness that does not mean he must show by posing naked and showing belly to the public.

"I will not take off my clothes. I think, not everyone should see it unless my husband," said Victoria again.

Victoria's pregnancy has now entered the age of 9 months. If there is no obstacle, according to estimates fourth child will be born in early July. Victoria and David Beckham had time to pick a date for the birth of her baby that is expected of candidates are women's. They wanted his son was born on July 4.

Victoria added that he had been preparing for all purposes to welcome baby perempannya it. He had bought all the baby girl clothes, prepares special rooms and special rooms for nursing at the residence of the couple.

"I like the French-made clothes for my daughter," he said pleased.

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