The first dog-legged robot

Naki'o dog named dog who is both a first in the world with 4 leg robot. These dogs have the unfortunate fate of his leg about it. Curious how the rest of the story?

Naki'o. That little dog's name on this one, unfortunately the fate of this dog because he was discarded by their owners so that his feet frozen and can not be used again. This dog was only five weeks.

Previous Naki'o have not had time to adjust to his new legs seen from the passage of an unbalanced way. However, a veterinarian be
rescue for the dog he taught how your ways to adjust to his new leg, he also once made ​​this dog can berjalanan he is Doctor Christie Tomlinson.

Seen from the video above that these dogs can adjust to his new legs. Although he was only stepping five weeks. The vet was doing fundraising for that Naki'o feet. After going through the procedure, lucky Orthoporet would handle the case of Naki'o to provide artificial limbs free of charge. And until now Naki'o the Dog World's First Robot securing four legs can do other activities like a dog.

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