world's most dangerous caterpillars

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world's most dangerous caterpillars
In the southern Brazilian rain forest there are animals that are very scary, not from its shape, size or ferocity, but from poison, which Lonomia caterpillar, clown dubbed "lazy" of the insect world.

Unfortunately, not as "The Joker" from the Batman series, there is nothing cute about this worm. Simply touch the prickly fur creatures and you may have massive internal bleeding, kidney failure, and hemolysis. In other words, touching at the same time (as is common) equals death. Even worse, these caterpillars have a body that is "vague" and can easily blend with tree bark.

So, if you are trying to find you may not see it. There are several deaths each year are caused by this Lonomia. Even more amazing is that the toxic dose of the "lowest on these caterpillars' exceeds the high dose of toxins in the world, if you are in the nip Lonomia this, then you will have a very deadly poison with a dose of 1000-fold more potent than the snake bite. But there is quite a relief to the news that the caterpillar Lonomia only appears for two or three months each year.

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