high heels are apparently ancient men accessories

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high heels are apparently ancient men accessories
Beautiful, provocative, and sexy - high heels (high heels) became a symbol of feminine and glamorous look womanhood.

 High heels continue to be used until now, users are even willing to "torture" to appear towering beautiful legs, sometimes with the right height unreasonable.

Though not easy to wear. Severe challenge. Not comfortable to wear on the ramp as well to drive. Users advised away from the grass, ice, street, also in luxurious wood flooring. One-one can sink.

But, you know, a pair of high-heeled shoes have become an important accessory for men in the past.

And unlike today's high-heeled shoes are not designed for use as walking, first, high heels have many practical uses.

"Heels worn for centuries in the Near East (the area around the eastern Mediterranean) as footwear while riding," said Elizabeth Semmelhack, from the Bata Shoe Museum, Toronto, Canada, as published by the BBC, Saturday (26/01/2013).

Horseback riding well is very important in the fight in Persia - the name of Iran in the past. "When the soldiers standing in his stirrups or horse riding foothold, footwear that helped him secure a position, so that he could shoot more effectively."

Imitated European Nobility

At the end of the 16th century, the Persian King, Shah Abbas had cavalry in the world. He is interested in a relationship with the authorities in Western Europe. To help defeat the great enemy: the Ottoman Empire (Turkey).

So in 1599, he sent a diplomatic mission to Europe, to Russia, Germany, and Spain.

Since then the "fever" took place in the West Persian. Includes a matter of style. The aristocrats were talkative when it was, a pair of heels can improve their appearance. More masculine and manly.

When worn heels from the lower classes, the nobles did not want to lose. Enhance their heels - it gives birth to high heels.

In the muddy streets of Europe in the 17th century, new models of shoes that clearly has no practical function. But that's where the point.

"One way to reflect social status is through the things that is not practical," Semmelhack said, adding the upper classes often wore elaborate, uncomfortable, but a luxury to announce social status. "That means they do not have to go to the fields to work, and not have to walk far."

Heels Red King of France

Matter who the most prominent shoe collectors in history, other than Imelda Marcos, there is also the French King Louis XIV. At very fond of wearing high heels.

Moreover, for the ruling king size, it includes the mini. Height is only 163 cm, well below the average size of European men.

With heels, the height of the King added 10 cm. High heels that she was wearing equipped decoration depicting combat situations.

Interestingly, the right and the soles of his shoes are always red - red dye was then very expensive. Fashion style was spread abroad, the coronation portrait of Charles II of England in 1661 described it using a pair of red high-heeled shoes, the French. Keep his life despite his height is 185 cm.

In 1670, Louis XVI issued a rule, only the closest people who can wear red soled shoes. In other words, at the time of the French public can judge a person's loyalty to the king by checking the bottom one.

Taken Over Women

Although the Eopa adding heels so they look more macho, more recently it women are crazy about wearing them.

It was in the 1630s, women adopted the style of men's clothing, cut their hair, and rank adding decoration on clothing.

Since then, until the end of the 17th century, heels became fashionable unisex shoe. "" You start to see a change in the right "says Helen Persson, a curator at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London." Right men's shoes more powerful, lower. While heels women become more streamlined. "

Menswear shifted toward more practical. Menswear is no longer a marker of social class, are complicated. But while boundaries were blurred, the distinction between the sexes became more apparent.

High heels for men began to be viewed ridiculous. In 1740 there was no man to wear. Similarly, the female, 50 years later, after Revolution of France.

Related pornography

High heels are back in fashion women's clothing in the middle of the 19th century. At that time, the rapidly growing photography techniques, role changing fashion and build self-image of women.

Pornography business is one of the first to take advantage of high heels. Pictures of naked women scattered postcards obscene, wearing only high heels striking.

Elizabeth Semmelhack, author of "Heights of Fashion: A History of the Elevated Shoe" believes, association pornography makes high heels considered erotic jewelry for women.

Intriguing question, can we go back to the era in which the name of the man legs and overgrown fur wearing high heels, shiny and bright? Will he go back to wear high heels?

What do you think?

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