Why birds Pigeons used Symbol Love

pigeons is a symbol of peace and love. Why? Association brings us back to medieval times when people believe all the birds chose their partners on Valentine's Day. Friend anehdidunia.com although some birds looking for a partner for mid-February, including black birds and partridges, many bird breeding season lasts during the spring and summer.

Dove was chosen to represent love for Greek mythology related small white bird with Aphrodite, goddess of love. Aphrodite / Venus is often depicted as a dove flying around or resting on his hand. Pigeons also represent monogamy and fidelity in relationships because these birds tend to stay with their partner during the mating season.

Male pigeon also helped incubate and care for their children, which helps achieve the image of the bird is loyal and loving. In fact, their reputation as a symbol of love so strong and made ​​a lot of prescription drugs popular in the medieval love heart dove incorporate as material.

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