Ridiculous ..! Forget this guy Parking Find car After 2 Years

It was ridiculous. With the condition of being drunk, a German man forgot where he parked his car. Funny thing is, this guy could only find the right car back after 2 years of losing.

This case began in 2010, when 33-year-old man who's forgotten the location where the car was parked and did not manage to find it, go have a drink after. Since it was late, the man who worked as craftsmen decided to go home with other means of transportation.

The next day, he returned to the same location to find the cars birthday. But again, he failed to find his car. Because surrender, finally he reported this to the police station Munich. Similarly, as reported by KSL News and the Huffington Post reported on Saturday. Until the end of the last month or exactly 2 years later, the German authorities had found a car that was reported missing. At that time, reportedly a local traffic police realized that the inspection sticker (sticker tax) affixed to his car expired.

And more interestingly, it turns out the car parking area within 3 miles or about 4.8 miles from the location of the car owners looking for his car. Apparently the unnamed man is looking for his car in the wrong location. "Oddly enough it is the location of the car so far, though the owner is very sure that he left his car at that location (location was wrong)," said local police spokesman, Alexander Lorenz.

When found, in the trunk of the car there are a number of equipment worth 39,623 euros, including tools muscles and electric screwdrivers. Last week, the man finally reunites with his car was missing for 2 years.

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