7 steps to realize the dream come true

dream come trueMany people have brilliant ideas, but in doing ekseskusi the brilliant ideas are still not optimal. Having an innovative design, brilliant invention, a great book idea or business concept is unique, the question is what steps have been taken to realize any ideas and dreams are there, if you do not act to make it happen then there is a chance someone else will take over and take your idea . So if you have a big dream, a brilliant idea or something new and better, and you can apply the 7 steps to realize your every dream.

1. Knowing and Menententukan What It Takes
 Keen to see the opportunity is one that needs to spawn keterampian brilliant ideas. Even if you find something new, there should be a need for your idea where people can use your work. Have you thought of a new way or a better way to solve a problem? Is your idea of ​​improving the quality of life of a particular society? Is your idea can save you more time or makes a job? Sometimes brilliant ideas are not always mennjawab existing needs, but if the idea is pretty fun, creative or interesting, it's pretty easy to convince people that they need it.

2. Previous Perform Research and Brainstorming
 Once you have an idea as needed or create innovations that ease and creative, it's time to obtain the possibility. Make a little research of your own. Is that a similar idea has been attempted or successfully carried on? Look for success and failure, of a new innovation. Learning from the failures of others,

3. Make sure the idea has been Full
 If your idea is a real product, it is now time to make it happen to be something that has a contribution. Begin by sketching with attention to form, color and material or if you are not real goods such as services or concepts you can draw it on the computer in the form of mind map.

4. Knowing and Keep Focus Against Brother Results
 Now if you have a perfect idea, both in concept and implementation, start by narrowing the end result you want. There are so many possibilities, but you must stay focused and pursue gradually. Take time to evaluate, changes or modifications to the normal ideas to achieve a better quality.

5. Two Vitamin Motivation and Commitment
You have a concept and an idea of ​​what you want to get at the end of the process, but is it enough commitment and motivation to face any obstacles that exist, are you ready to sacrifice for the things that are comparable to your success. By preparing everything, you will be more resilient and ready to accept criticism, setbacks and obstacles.

6. Has Full Support
 No matter how great your idea is, if you do not happen in the act and without support, you will be much more complicated to achieve the targets you have set. Find someone who can give encouragement and you want to listen to any sharing. An individual or a group to be honest and to support and assist you in specific tasks. Is the product or business, planning, implementation, moral and even financial support, or maybe people have to realize that almost the same idea with your idea and are willing to share their experiences with you.

7. Plan
  All you need is readily available, it's time to think critically, what steps are needed to get results. Determine the deadline you can meet, if no phase and divide each phase with a smaller deadline so that you know what a big step you and your little steps. And start by determining the first step today.

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