Great Wall of China Reduced 30 Meters Due Collapses

Great Wall of China
Great Wall of China famous thanks to the size is very long, but now reduced from 30 meters. Because the historic buildings located in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province, collapsed on Monday (6/8), then. Fortunately the government to repair the damage is quite extensive.
"He's done an investigation into the cause of the collapse of the wall. Several things may have contributed, including building work," said one city official. "But we have the conservation and redevelopment plans which are now underway."

The collapse of one part of the Great Wall was allegedly due to carelessness of the workers who did the excavation at the foot of the building wall. But locals also said bad weather likely contributed to the undermining of the wall 30 feet early Monday. The collapse came after weeks of heavy rain occurs and combined with improvements in the main street in front of the foundation wall.

Great Wall of China was built originally in the seventh century, but the walls in the Zhangjiakou built 500 years earlier, namely in 1484. Construction from the reign of the Ming Dynasty it also has undergone several improvements.

"The wall is already menglami redevelopment several times throughout its history," said an expert. "Like other construction projects, some work can sometimes last longer than others."

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