women who sleep hundreds of times per day

Diseases of this one was classified as a very rare disease, imagine how everyday activities if affected by this disease. because this disease can cause sufferers to sleep up to 100x a day, Claire Allen is a 35-year-old woman suffering from strange diseases. The disease is called the attack 'cataplexy' which is a rare symptom of narcolepsy (a chronic sleep disorder). With triggered by strong emotions such as fear, surprise or laugh, Claire could lose control of his body and fell asleep how deeply even though he realized what was happening, so with the disease this woman can sleep 100x a day.

Each attack lasted between 30 seconds to five minutes, the worst attack could reach 100 times per day. A 'shock' mild or jokes that make her laugh can trigger an attack that made him powerless to sleep, could even drop to the floor.

To address this attacks Claire taking a drug called Xyrem, a newly developed to help sufferers of narcolepsy. Claire described how she lost her first speech and vision before taking the drug.

"The attack caused by excessive emotion. However, laughter is the main trigger. The first symptoms, his head felt weak, and could not be arrested like a sleepy little boy who tries to stay awake. After six months, there has been quite severe attack and the body feels weak," said Claire , as quoted by the Telegraph.co.uk.

"Several years ago, I stopped eating all kinds of drugs. I began researching the existing phenomena, the attacks reached a hundred times per day. I find the attack occurred after interacting with others. There is no pain but I can not talk and communicate about what happen. After that followed loss of vision later her body was weak, "he added.

Narcolepsy causes severe disturbances in sleep patterns and Claire, who worked as a researcher at the British Antarctic Survey, woke up around 20 to 30 times every night. By taking Xyrem, Claire long to sleep for about three and a half hours. He also must take the drug again at midnight to get enough sleep.

"For five years I did not sleep more than an hour. So, when I sleep more than three hours was a miracle. Many people who experience this and undiagnosed disorders. By revealing to the public of symptoms that I experienced, hopefully can help," said Claire.

Researchers found that narcolepsy may cause disorder of the brain cells that control the sleep hormone, hypocretin. An estimated 25,000 people and the UK experienced undiagnosed narcolepsy.

"Disorder narcolepsy can not wait more than a decade to be diagnosed. Quality of life of sufferers can be severely affected if not treated immediately. They avoid driving. They are afraid to care for their children alone even for a shower," says Dr John Shneerson, from Papworth Hospital's Sleep Center of Cambridge, as quoted by the Telegraph.co.uk.

Claire also said he stopped driving the car for five and a half years after the diagnosis of narcolepsy. Treatment currently lived also allowed him to sleep more normally a positive impact on the growth of hair and nails.

"The doctor said that narcolepsy may reduce the growth of nails and hair as they grow when we sleep. For years I did not sleep normally. I'm still hoping my life back to normal," said Claire.

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