husband rental business for single women

New business in Georgia Offered to single women who need help with the housekeeping for the "renting" the husband per hour - but the owner admitted that what is needed by some customers is love.

"Our services to help single women who need help overcoming domestic affairs such as repair of damaged goods," said company owner Beso Mchedlishvili told AFP.

But he said that many women are confused by the name of his company - A Husband for One Hour Limited and then ask for something more.

Since the business opened in the former Soviet Union in two months ago, the number of requests the women who asked for more time for something more intimate to rise sharply over the company's actual service request.

"So we have to explain to them that the men here is not a male prostitute," said Mchedlishvili.

"They can help to fix a leaky faucet, but their job descriptions are not included to give love."

To be able to hire a "husband" of the company in Tbilisi, someone must pay 17 U.S. dollars (13 euros) per hour, said Mchedlishvili.

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