facebook secrets of advertising revenue

FACEBOOK earn advertising revenues of U.S. $ 1.86 billion, or Rp16, 8 trillion during 2010. And most advertisers do not come from big names. How come?

According to reports adage, by estimating revenues from eMarketer, 60% of advertising revenue or about $ 1.12 billion was derived from small companies.

They make the advertisers continue to grow in the up, says Debra Williamson, an eMarketer analyst.

Advertisers often appear many years at Google. Today they show off on Facebook

Meanwhile, large companies advertising revenues accounted for only U.S. $ 740 million. Advertisers magnitude such as AT & T, Coca Cola, P & G and Match.com. AT & T and Match.com is still the second biggest advertiser in the social networking site.

And it turns out, Google became the fifth largest advertiser on Facebook. This is somewhat ironic considering the last year, Google is blocking users to import Facebook friends via Gmail.

Despite the feud, the increase in revenue up does not affect Google's market share. Internet giant still get a revenue of U.S. $ 2 billion per month.

eMarketer estimates for 2010, concerning the increase in revenue from advertising on Facebook is evidence of growing social networking site

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