cleanest woman in the world | unique news

cleanest woman in the world | unique news
cleanest woman in the world | unique news
Ever hear the saying "Wash your hands to have everything", not? Perhaps there are many who are confused by this statement. There are 2 other saying that comes from the Arabic as well as to explain the previous adage "He who has health has hope" and "He who has hope has everything." Well so do, wash your hands is the easiest step to be healthy and able to start hope to have everything.

But the opposite obtained Julia Abdullah, a woman from Malaysia who have obsessive hand washing and cleaning themselves. Julia has a cleansing ritual of self-ordinary but with an unusual quantity. 40 year-old woman was reportedly washed his hands up to 300 times a day and spend time in the bathroom for 5 hours with a total of 25 times in a day shampooing hair. And with this ritual, may be appropriate in humans dubbed as the cleanest in the world. This happened 20 years ago, when he discovered there was something wrong at work.

He worked as a technician in a lab that requires him to always associated with urine, feces and blood sample for HIV testing. This made him afraid of contaminated and he suspects that he has been tainted OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). But instead of checking and looking for help, she instead decided to clean up the water as often as possible.

This condition makes Julia had lost their jobs and their possessions. Why not, she often comes late to work because it is too busy to spend time with her cleansing ritual.

Treasure that he had been sold to pay for the purchase of household bills are rising rapidly, due to the use of water, soap, and sanitary supplies like excessive. As a result of that, too, in a relatively short time after Julia was dismissed, he lost his home and he and his family made the bum.

Instead wash your hands or clean themselves, for the demands of life Julia had mengumpukan maketh a waste to live with his mother.

With the experience that happened, she was furious and decided to stop bathing. And after three months he madi, in 2009, the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) helped him get his normal life. But his condition worsened a year later after he did not visit for treatment.

He returned to his old habit by performing ritual cleanliness spent 2 bottles of shampoo and 21 bars of soap per day. Fortunately the Sahm again intervened and took him to a mental institute and undertake maintenance treatment for 22 days. Now Julia Abdullah said he had regained control of his life, and agrees to tell his life story in a photography exhibition called Picture My World, organized by IMH to raise awareness of mental illness, as part of the World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2012 last.

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