because he want to have children, men having sex with horses

make love
ecause he want to have children, men having sex with horses
A man upset with his girlfriend because he can rely on. He also went out to look for a stable relationship with a brown horse.

 Andrew Mendoza (29) from Danavang, Texas, waiting for her boyfriend to call on one night. Mendoza spoke in her heart if she did not call him, he would go to the door and 'play' with neighboring horses. And it turns out her boyfriend did not call until 23.00 local time.

As quoted by the Huffington Post, Friday, Mendoza ultimately leading stables neighbors. As he walked toward the fence, the chestnut horse approached. Mendoza was having sex with the horse about 5-10 minutes. Mendoza thought the horses enjoy it because it did not say anything when he acted.

However silly, Mendoza argued that he made ​​love to the horse so the horse can have children.

"I tried to make the horse have children. I think I could have a baby of a horse. I'm not lying, I was having sex with a horse, "Mendoza said in a signed document.

Mendoza then feel guilty for being a pervert and criminal offenses committed, such as the Smoking Gun reported. As a result of his actions, Mendoza spent four months in prison.

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