25 children break world record

25 children break world record
25 children break world record
Who is not tempted to hold a world record breaker? Many people try to create a new record, for the title. No exception with kids hiss scout in Redbourn, United Kingdom. They work together to make pasta with a length of 597.5 meters!

Pasta and noodle dishes are also known for its long stretches. 25 boys aged 6 to 8 years even this made ​​pasta with a fantastic length. Once the pasta is successfully created, they also gathered in Redbourn Cricket Club as a representative of Guinness World.

Sure enough, after carefully measured, super long pasta is apparently has a size far beyond expectations. If the requirements are 'only' 500 meters, but the boys managed to make pasta with size 97.5 feet long.

"This is an unusual record, but this is something that is made by a child. We try to demonstrate if we work hard, we can achieve it," said Lesley said Kinsella as the leader of the scout group, as published in the World Records Academy.

Lesley Admittedly, one of the kids even brought the Guinness World Record for a full year, hoping their name be listed in it. Reportedly, after the measure, pasta is then donated to a local church and was given a pet there.

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