Bojana Danilovic, Women That Her life upside Rumble

Bojana Danilovic, a 28-year-old Serbian woman must live in her world completely upside down. Known cause is because Bojana Danilovic suffering brain disorder that makes everything seem upside down in her eyes.

 Diidapnya rare disease makes Bojana must read magazine inverse manner, to the extent that often reprimanded passersby.

Bojana who now works in the City Council will Uzice shocked everyone when he had to fill a variety of documents or forms as part of his job. How people are not surprised, because Bojana had flipped his computer to work.

Bojana said that he had been born like this. Experts nerve at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University say the conditions experienced by Bojana was called "the phenomenon of spatial orientation".

The doctors did not know what the actual cause. But one thing is for sure, Bojana actually see things normal. Only the brain are rejected and replaced upside down.

Strangeness was initially perceived by parents Bojana. Parents Bojana see her crawling and walking backwards while still a baby. But thanks to the hard training finally Bojana can now walk forward. But for other things, he had to reverse the objects for everyday activities, such as television watched.

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