drugged, kidnapped, dumped in the woods, she is in the care of monkeys

Yorkshire: Marina Chapman's life story, a housewife Yorkshire, England was remarkable, some people even consider not make sense.

At the age of 4 years, Marina claimed drugged, abducted from his home in Colombia, then somehow ended up in tropical rain forests. He then cared for and raised in a herd Capuchin Monkey. Learning to survive, climb trees, and sleep in the branches. Just like Tarzan, Marina grateful to the family who cared for monkeys, a "more humane" than the people who kidnapped him.

The story of Marina started one day in 1954. At that time he was busy playing in the garden of his home in Colombia. Unaware of the danger approaching. "Suddenly I saw a flash of a black hand and a white cloth, cover my face. Moment I felt shock and terror, I smelled a strong chemical odor," he said as published in the Daily Mail (30/03/2013). Then, he was unconscious. "I thought I was going to die."

When realized, Marina claimed to hear the sound of the engine. He was aware of being in the back of the truck. And not alone. "I heard a voice crying uncontrollably. There were other children there, terrified as I was," he said.

There was talk Marina back into unconsciousness. Then she felt the earth shook, it turns out he was in the arms of one man who ran. Another man come running next to them.

The two men took him into the woods and left him there. A little girl, helpless, in the forest, past the first night alone. Marina woke up in a state of fear and incredible hungry, he cries, but no one came. He was then back to sleep, and when she woke up the monkeys had surrounded him.

Life As Monkey

The monkey, about 30 head, surrounding it. One of them rolled over and beat him up. Different appearance makes the monkeys inspected - tugging at his shirt and pulling hair. Marina thrashing. "I scream, get off me! Many times. But the monkeys only stopped after infection."

Then, a scream startled him, a monkey dropped the banana he was carrying. Bananas are still green, immature. The partying monkey banana, Marina also joined. So hungry. Then he decided to spend a third night in the forest with monkeys. "Being around them makes me feel safe. Nightfall, the sound they make me uncomfortable."

However, there is also a terrible experience, such as Marina saw a herd of monkeys to fight the intruder. He increasingly felt lonely because day after day no one is saved. To kill deserted, he mimicked the sound of monkeys. To please myself and to feel comfortable to hear his own voice. Not unexpectedly the monkeys respond to his voice.

Marina was more like a monkey. The more often scratching his body that so many small animals living place, including fleas. One day he felt excruciating pain in his stomach, almost died. Garanya he ate the fruit acids. In the midst of feeling frivolous, there was a monkey grandfather, whose body shook gently, pushing, and asked him to come.

Difficulty walking and many times fall, Marina along the rocky river. The trip ended in a puddle. The monkey grandfather pushed his head in the hollow. Worried would be drowned, Marina fighting uncontrollably. However, when he saw an old ape's face, she gasped. The animal seemed calm, not angry. "I then thought maybe he wanted to say something," said Marina.

The grandfather asked him to drink water muddy. After drinking large amounts, Marina collapsed, coughing, and spewing a lot of stomach acid. "Treatment" was successful. Slowly walk to Marina kawananya. "Grandpa monkeys seemed satisfied with his efforts, turned and returned to the tree," he said. Since then, the old man's attitude changed from indifferent and suspicious, a protector and friend.

Marina Gradually blend in with his friends. Give them a name: Spot the energetic, gentle and loving Brownie, a shy Tip. Also his best friend, Mia who is also shy.

Upon being accepted, he learned to climb trees. His muscles stronger. When arrived at the nest at the top of the tree for the first time, the monkeys budge. Marina felt the presence on their territory as a natural thing. Small marina still often cry sad, especially at night, but being with her new family is slowly forgetting him grief.

Meet People

Greater capacity, more powerful cruising Marina. Until one day he found a group of huts. Ventured closer, he met a mother and her newborn.

"My feelings fluctuate see, feeling needed all men: to be loved. However when looking into my eyes, there is fear in her face."

She then shouted, making a man ran from the hut and catch Marina. He was then forced to open his mouth to check his teeth. No one pointed. Then take it off.

"I tried to beg him for food and shelter, but the sounds and actions more like monkeys than humans. Without a doubt, he left me. Then, I went back to the woods, hurt," said Marina.

That day, he learned a valuable lesson. Families can be found anywhere, where we feel loved and cared for. At that time, he brushed aside his desire to return to human life. "Monkeys, not man, is my family."

Back to Civilization

Marina life-like Tarzan ended after its existence was known to a number pemburu.Pemburu swap it with a parrot in a place of prostitution, running away before serving the first man masher, a gang leader of the children, and ended up in Bradford, England.

He then adopted a family in Bradford, studying to be a chef, working at the National Media Museum, swerved to a career helping troubled children after marrying a bacteria expert in the 1970's. Marina is now a quiet life in England with her husband and children. The story of his life which once hidden is now known to the world.

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