5 Brand Pants In Women Most Expensive In The World

5 Brand Pants In Women Most Expensive In The World - Not many maybe who knows what brand of women's underwear most expensive in the world today. The underwear is something that is obligatory for women, to provide comfort and warmth covered the vital parts of a man. But many uniquely designed underwear and even deviated from the actual needs, was only to provide protection to vital organs, it's beauty was always considered its designers, let's look at 5 Brand Pants Women's Most Expensive In The World.


  Designed and released in 2007 by Alexandra Popa and Javier Suarez. The combination of classic and modern models make the clothes in this one makes the wearer look slinky, sexy, and sensual benar2. Price underwear with the brand Bordelle range from $ 500 to over $ 1400 per pcs.  

Carine Gilson

  Carine Gilson merrupakan one of the most established designer in 5 list, Carine Gilson has been designing clothes in since 1994. He uses the softest silk, delicate lace and chiffon the best in every design, and even some of the design features perhiasan2. Prices ranged underwear even this $ 240 to over $ 1360.  

Agent Provocateur

  This brand is synonymous with elegant underwear, expensive, and erotic. You may not have heard four other names from this list, but it certainly never heard of the brand Agent Provocateur (AP). With bodysuit prices starting from $ 800, ranging from $ 900 for a kimono, and start at $ 1100 for a robe, has put the AP in this category.

 Jean Yu

  Pretty, Feminine and delicate, desain2 Jean Yu is striking in its simplicity. Each design has been sold out will not be produced anymore, but will be manufactured new design, therefore the price of a bra Standard Jean Yu can start from $ 320, and dress in full set (bra, panties, and garter belt) valuable starting from $ 1000. Jean Yu also has his own studio in New York if you want a dress in a size that will fit your body. There, your body will be measured only after that underwear is made according to your body size.

 Guia La Bruna

  Guia is the youngest designer in this list. Unlike many designers who Why outsourcingkan production to other companies, Guia produce everything in the place of production, ranging from sample to product jadi.Hal makes him maintain impeccable standards of quality and craftsmanship him famous. Guia bra and panties sets start at $ 665 and Cami and pant set retail starting at $ 830.

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