Grandpa Age 72 Years is Young Girl Clothing Models

Grandpa Age 72 Years is Young Girl Clothing Models |
Ignorant act of a grandson to his grandfather brought unexpected fame in cyberspace. Starting from a fun dress to wear woman's grandfather actually ended up making Liu Xianping famous as a model for teenagers. Now the joke turned into a massive advertising campaign on an international sale.

 It all started with an accident when his grandson Liu helped unload clothes. When Liu was giving some advice teen clothing styles and how to combine clothing. The grandson and grandfather is 72 years old then took the initiative to do a photo shoot with wearing their creations.

"The idea that fashion photographs mostly from his grandfather," said Liu grandchildren. "He even has his own idea to wear a short skirt, long stockings, dresses and occasionally wear a wig to look like genuine teenagers."

Usually clothing for young women, clothing worn Liu also seen hanging out with lace or feathers. But Liu's confidence in front of the camera makes it look awkward so they can steal the attention of netizens in China. The women who shop at online stores that actually made jealous by the legs and slim body Liu.

Liu hilarious action was apparently also received positive feedback from the audience that China feels it cool and open-minded. Liu himself admitted to have fun just because it's a female model to help businesses grandchildren. "I was very old and all I want is to be happy," added Liu....

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