New trend: Japanese Women Wear Diapers For Lazy to Toilet

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Nappies or diapers (disposable diapers) are often used by infants or toddlers as a container to hold urination. Diapers are also intended for seniors who are often unable to control their urination schedule, and it is a very reasonable price. But, in Japan, the woman began diligently lazy to wear diapers and toilet. Eww ..

We all know, Japan is a country that is busy, its citizens are known as people who 'workaholic'. The same applies to women, was so busy, they do not want to waste time just to pee in the toilet. Be they urinate directly in diapers and can freely move while doing nothing. If it is full, lived waste.

Interviews were conducted odditycentralpada 25-year-old Japanese girl, the girl who works in one real estate agent in Tokyo admitted that during the six months he always wore diapers than to wherever she went to the toilet. Diapers can be used to absorb the urine so it saves time to the bathroom. No wonder if some stores started selling adult diapers on the sanitary napkin.

This trend is indeed a strange and sordid considered for some people, as is the need to urinate. Moreover for Indonesian women, urinating in the toilet is fun because it can while styling your hair, fixing makeup, a little off fatigue or share gossip with co-workers. Oddly enough, there are sites that display adult named Bebigyaru pictures of adult women wearing diapers.

That .. after experiencing trends in Japan to inject fluids into the forehead to form a donut pattern and trends canines, maybe this is the trend of the shaking. How do you think?

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