Husband and Wife are both Replace Sex, to Be Exchanging Roles
Husband and Wife are both Replace Sex, to Be Exchanging Roles
For husband and wife, equality can be realized by the sharing of roles as husband and wife come to wash the dishes or fix tile house. But for this couple, sharing the role is not enough then both exchanging sex.

 Newly married couple in the city of Yongzhou, Hunan Province, China plans to something a bit odd to the average person. The husband wants to be a female sex-change operation, otherwise the wife wants surgery to become a man.

The husband, Chen Li (37 years old) does have a tendency feminine and very attentive to others. Meanwhile, his wife, Jiang Ling-law was tired of the angry and decided I wanted to be a man to be more respected.

Besides graceful, as men Chen was also very shy and very stiff when talking to other people.

"At first I did not realize that my feminine self, until one day I feel comfortable relying on each other when men lived in the dorms," said Chen

Dissatisfaction with the current gender was also experienced by his wife, Jiang. Before she married Chen, Jiang itself is a divorced widow for not getting along with in-laws.

"If I'm the man, I would not be wasted by the mother-in-law again," said Jiang.

By mutual consent, Chen and Jiang compact to perform sex-change operation. Later, if it is implemented, Chen will perform the role of wife, Jiang initially while women will take his place as husband and head of household.

But before that desire accomplished, they plan to have children first. Because after each sexual exchange, likely to have children may be very small or even not possible at all.

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