Crab Kong, the World's Largest Crab

Crab Kong, the World's Largest Crab
Crab Kong, the World's Largest Crab
Biggest crab in the world, dubbed Crab Kong successfully captured a fisherman in Japan. crabs in the family colossus crustasean three meters in diameter was arrested a fisherman in the bay Suraga Heda west of Tokyo, Japan.

 Giant crab is actually predicted to children. Crab Kong who weighs 15 kg is 40 years old. If the crab is 3 meters wide has grown, ten claws able to lift a car.

Initially, fishermen anonymity it intends to sell the giant crabs for dinner. Fortunately, research marine life in Weymouth, England, saving the giant crab. Crab Kong will occupy its new home in Munich, Germany.

"Kong is definitely very interesting to see. Fact larger than the previous biggest crab, Crabzilla," said Robin James, a researcher at the Sea Life

Experts sealife UK plans to make B-movie-style Japanese with English subtitles largest crustaceans: Crab Kong vs Crabzilla. One of the contenders for the crown, the Japanese spider crab, which is dubbed "Crab Kong" and described as "Ronaldo" aquarium of the world, arrived at Weymouth's Sea Life Park earlier this month after being caught by fishermen in Suruga Bay, southeast of Tokyo.

Crab Kong already has a claw covers three meters (10 feet) and weighing 15 kilograms (33 lbs). It was placed in the same division as Crabzilla, the biggest crab in Britain is imported by the National Sealife Centre Birmingham last year. Both creatures are still growing and can live more than 100 years.

Robin James, a biologist at the Sea Life Park, had visited the village where Crabs Kong captured and planned to transport it to the UK. Crab Kong will be moved to its permanent home in Munich's Sea Life Centre later this year.

"Getting animals as impressive as Crab Kong to the aquarium, the equivalent of getting Ronaldo (in football)," said James.

"Giving people the opportunity to be the first witness of the many wonders of the sea, help improve support for marine conservation." He said.

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