chicken without a head story

The true story is very unusual happened in September of 1945, Mike, a chicken type wyandotte dinner should be a farmer Lloyd Olsen from Colorado along with his family. But the dinner plans that failed miserably aka gatot caused a very magical event which certainly will never be forgotten Olsen and his family.

With a sharp ax in hand, clutching Olsen Mike then swung the ax to the neck, once it also gave up Mike's head. But unexpected things happen, that poor chicken instead to break away from her employer, then he tried pecking the ground towards tuk get something to eat - in a state without a head. Of course the Olsen stunned at the sight in front of both eyes is very unusual. After making sure the chicken without a head it's really alive, he finally decided to take care of him.

According to scientific explanation, Olsen failed to kill that poor chicken ax because he used not the jugular vein (vein) siayam neck and brain stem that makes the chicken continues to hidup.Tapi if we refer to the explanation of religion, not the fate for the late Mike .

Headless chicken is then able to walk, initially with a stagger, but not because of pain just to get used to because his head was no longer in place. But that does not run long, Day-days later Mike was able to familiarize themselves without a head, having a full balance to be able to stand upright and walk like chickens in general.

Of course many things that he can no longer do as much, food pecks on the ground, clean the feathers with wings is a distant memory for her habit. But that does not mean that the chicken has become sickly and underfed, otherwise the chicken got the full attention of the Olsen who always helped feed the chickens grow up to 2 pounds of weight badanya.

But since losing his head, Mike often choked by his own mucus so that he could not breathe. For that Olsen is often helped by sucking the mucus by using injection.

Of course the existence of this headless chicken makes a scene many people at that time, impact many who want to see it. So was the Mike dikomersilkannya. He became a star in several performances in his time and was able to collect about $ 4,500. In 1945 the course that much money is enormous. The Olsen also ketiban deh fortune from sources he never thought before.

In March 1947, the poor chicken was also great finally the last breath after almost 2 years of struggle and survive without a head. That night after the show was over, Olsen and cock it back kehotel poor. Upon arrival, the Mike as usual choking and could not breathe. Naasnya injection equipment to clear mucus ditenggorokan Mike left behind at the venue, eventually Mike is really going to leave this world.

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