the world's grandest cremation

To the people of Bali, only through the combustion jenazahlah soul can be released from the world while to get a life after death. And to undergo some rites and rituals to be followed, especially when the descendants of the royal dead. On the death of the body to be burned by the fire because the soul must return to the five elements known as Panca Maha Buta (earth, wind, fire, water and ether), it aims to send the soul in life after death.

Only by following the proper ceremonies and rituals and proper, the soul will be free from the body to be born again and finally reach moksa, deliverance or freedom from worldly ties.
Ceremonial burning of the bodies in the Bali luxury and expensive. Higher one's status, preparation and decoration of stately required will be higher. Therefore, the bodies of deceased must be buried for a while before the family and society can be collected on adequate funding. This is a common custom for ordinary people to wait for the burning body of a nobility or clergy which later combined with the ritual burning of the bodies ngiring for their families if allowed.

A few days before the day of burning, deceased souls who wander are called to unite with the body, usually symbolized by statues of people, brought to the house to be bathed again and again, prepared by members of the family.

On the night of arson, the priests offered sacrifices on supernatural forces that are required to pave the way for the soul, while the family members prayed for the release of the late soul to heaven.
The next day, the corpse was brought into the open where combustion is held, usually after the sun had passed its peak. When all the bodies had been burned, family members gather dust and bones of the late, and then the statue of the dead person was carried in procession on the sea or river, then dust poured into water, into the protective god of the sea.

The months or years later after burning, when the funds already collected enough, there will be ceremonies again to assure a perfect separation of soul from earthly ties, aims to release the soul to heaven. At last rites ceremony called nyagara-mountain, families express their gratitude to the god of the sea in the temples of the sacred mountain where the souls enshrined on the temple, to await rebirth or freedom from the cycle of rebirth.

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