favorite foods while pregnant victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham is pregnant with her fourth. There's a new habit by David Beckham's wife this. Always chew your favorite foods.

If you eat bread, former Spice Girls, always polish it with jam marmalade and tea at breakfast. The new menu is presented regularly since the fourth child was pregnant. So he marmalade butter cravings.

"Victoria always eat bread with marmalade. Usually the bread is baked along with a cup of tea," the source said, as quoted from Zimbio, Friday, January 28, 2011.

However, in this fourth pregnancy, 36-year-old woman did not experience morning sickness such as that experienced when pregnant with her first to the third. He actually looks more refreshed during the current pregnancy.

Beckham is very happy with the wife's pregnancy. It's no secret, really long time married couples in 1999 it intends to add a baby. They missed the presence of a baby girl.

No wonder, when they are deemed pregnant, the couple can not wait to announce the happy news about it. Victoria shared the news via Twitter while Beckham through Facebook. They also say thank you for your attention has been given his friends.

Until recently, the couple has not announced what the sex of their babies future. They still keep it a secret.

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