video ufo across Bait al-Maqdis, Jerusalem

A video recording of the scene of the world on the internet. The video showed the bodies of suspected UFO flying object that passed over the Bait al-Maqdis, Jerusalem, Friday, January 28, 2011 last.

From the recordings taken at night, it appears that a bright light descending from heaven to the top of the building the Temple of the Rock (also known as the dome of the rock or Qubbat Al-Sakhrah). This place is believed to Muslims as the place where the Prophet Muhammad do Isra 'Mi'raj with Bouraq ride.
Many believe the validity of the results of this recording, because there are some of the same footage taken from various positions. However, many of them consider it just a hoax, aka video engineering.

Therefore, one of the recordings seen rocking and broken. "If that's the space shuttle, the plane was very small," said Benjamin Radford, one observer, told Discovery News, by e-mail. From the analysis of Radford, the observation on the size and distance of the shuttle to the dome indicate that the size of planes no bigger than a car limousine. "That means it's not a spaceship, but this fact makes you wonder," said Radford.

Another thing that reinforces her doubts, says Radford, celestial light it seems not reflected by the dome. In fact, the golden dome of the plate, "It should be highly reflective dome

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