WikiLeaks fundraising through facebook

The lawyer Julian Assange, WikiLeaks boss, create a special account on Facebook. The goal, ask for donations alias help finance the legal defense fund for his clients that.

As reported by CNN, an account with Assange picture and the phrase "I need your help. Please give" or "I need your help, please give" until Friday afternoon already raised about $ 5,600.

However, law firm Finers Stephens in London said he did not know anything when confirmed whether they raise money from Facebook, along with a firm of accountants, Hazlems Fenton LLP and support team Assange from WikiLeaks.

In fact, in the account up, printed the name of the law office, including account numbers and links PayPal - This is so that donors can channel assistance directly.

The facebookers write a message of support for Assange seeker account funds. "Please support Assange for freedom of information and transparency," said facebookers, Diego Ocampo Perez.

"Let's financial support of this brave man," wrote Sergiy Zed.

Assange currently resides in England. Although free from custody on bail, he was monitored closely. British court ordered him to live in a mansion and checked regularly, every night and day by police.

After the leak thousands of diplomatic wire U.S. embassy around the world, WikiLeaks is made bankrupt. Bank of America the largest bank in the United States to stop the flow of funds to WikiLeaks and block the transaction.
Previously, a number of transactional services such as MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal also blocked funds to the site of this leak.

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