secret wedding of victoria & beckham

Having a spouse of a footballer sometimes make Victoria Beckham had to live separately from her husband, David Beckham. However, Victoria did not make an issue of it.

Precisely former Spice Girls was willing to sacrifice having alternating Los Angeles - London to support her husband's career is now back playing in the English club.
Victoria believes that distance is what makes her marriage to former British National Team captain was still in harmony until recently.

"Maybe that's why, so we do not get bored with each other," Victoria said as quoted by Contactmusic, Thursday, January 13, 2010.

Victoria and David Beckham married already undergone household for 11 years. Until now, their marriage went smoothly even though his home life is always crushed by bad gossip.

Singers who are turning the profession into these fashion designers always try to maintain the household. He was very calm about her husband cheating issues.

especially now, happiness is being hit the couple. After waiting long enough, eventually they desire to add momongan materialized a few months away. Victoria was pregnant.
Pregnancy Victoria Beckham was greeted happily. They were very enthusiastic to wait for the birth of their fourth baby is expected to be born next summer.

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