daughters victoria beckham, book caused a sales spike

What is the relationship between a daughter of Victoria and David Beckham to the sale of the classic novel To Kill A Mockingbird? Oh, it was pretty close. Because of the naming of their daughter by the name of the author of the book, sales of novels published in 1960 it increased rapidly in cash. Wow, hebatnyo.

Although he was not yet two weeks, it seems the little Harper Seven Beckham has inherited his mother's supernatural powers. Associated with the fashion trend of Victoria, Harper has become a trendsetter!

According to the Daily Mail, the sale of the novel To Kill A Mockingbird at Amazon.co.uk site rose dramatically after Victoria and David Beckham announced their daughter's name. Want to know what percentage increase? Achieve 123%! Fabulous!

How? Well, that explains how magic charm of this pair. Apparently the cause is just because the name of the princess, "Harper Seven Beckham" they took from the name of Harper Lee, who is nothing but a writer of books published in 1960, which turned out to be one of Victoria's favorite novels.

After the name of the tiny trigger Harper fans David and Victoria to read classic books, the books on the theme of racism was a direct shot to the 38th position in ranking of best-selling book on Amazon.co.uk. On his Facebook page, which had been David and Victoria reveals how he finally decided to give the name "Harper" to their first daughter. According to the gridiron star, the top pair had decided to vote Harper because Harper Lee's name is Victoria's favorite author.

In the video, David says, "It's been a lot of ideas to name our daughter, and Harper is the name that had long we enjoy doing for several reasons. One is Harper is a very old English name we liked. The other reason, Victoria's favorite books is To Kill A Mockingbird and its author named Harper Lee. The book is truly inspiring. That is why we decided to call him 'Harper'. "

Anyway, there are additional more news about the Beckhams. According to gossip, teen idol Justin reportedly held a private concert for children Beckham. The Beckham Boys, so the media dubbed Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz Beckham, was a big fan of Justin. And it seems, the little Harper will also follow his brothers were.

Last Saturday, David Beckham appeared on the soccer field wearing a pink football boots bearing the name of her four children. And if you still need evidence about how great David perform its function as a husband and father, pictures on the side is the answer. David posted this photo on his Facebook page, with captions that read, "A little something I made Earlier ..... a home-made risotto for the family."

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