victoria beckham back out the old fashion collection

victoria beckham collection
Since it first launched a clothing line in 2009, Victoria Beckham immediately grabbed a lot of loyal customers. Cutting a simple but chic fashion is not only favored among socialites, but also celebrities.

To celebrate the success, Victoria plans to re-release some of the most popular clothing collection. The launch will be done next month, coinciding with the launch of a new website

It's not all clothing ever designed to be released again. Victoria will only be out a few iconic fashion, or the most recognizable from her. To be sure, the collection is a collection of best-selling slightly modified. Among these are the fashions of style bandage that looks never worn Kate Winslet and Kim Kardashian.

"Along with my personal modifications for S/S13 collection (Spring / Summer 2013), I want to offer exclusive products on my new site, which had a characteristic fashion and very special for me," said Victoria at Elle magazine, the decision issued another collection of old .

Decision Womanswear winning designer Designer of the Year from the WGSN Global Fashion Awards this seems to conflict with the fashion house fashion houses, including Chanel. Not long ago, Chanel revealed that clothing collection will not be sold online.

"What our customers want is uniqueness. Fashion has to do with fashion, and clothing they need to see and feel, to understand them," said Bruno Pavlovsky, president of Chanel, some time ago.

Although it is a collection of old (from the collection S / S 2009 to present), Victoria does not sell it for "tilt". Dresses can be obtained with a starting price of £ 1000. And because it is offered online, you who live here also have a chance to get it.

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