grandmother who worked as a disc jockey dj

Apparently there is a great grandmother grandmother is still active in the world of entertainment, he is not inferior to other young people. unlike other grandma grandmother who could only sit or enjoy their old age.

The world is a playground and men are never too old to learn new things

But this one grandmother whose real name is Ruth Flowers

DJ Wika Szmyt from Warsaw, Poland, and the 73 year old is a Professional DJ

turns out he was the old grandmother in the world that is still active with his career.

Mammy Rock that was his nickname. He had started his career as a DJ at the age of 65, he was still able to bring young and older atmosphere on the songs he played.

He played disco, rumba or samba for people his age because dancing makes them feel alive. But the grandmother was also performed at parties who visited the young.

here's a picture picture:

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