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painting with blood
NEW YORK - Many artists claim that they make his work with the sweat, tears and blood, but Vincent Castiglia actually do it, he painted using his blood.

 New York artist's exhibition titled Resurrection, in the Soho area of ​​Manhattan, which opened on Thursday and will take place during October.

The exhibit displays paintings Castiglia made in the past 10 years, all made with blood Castiglia.

Castiglia (30) said in an interview this week that this is the first time he used the medium of blood that was triggered by "the need to connect with his work in the most intimate level."

Human blood, he said, contains iron oxide, pigment found in many traditional paintings, which arise naturally in iron ore and rust in general.

Earlier, he said the public reaction was positive action, but he did not ignore that some people consider the choice of the medium which he used to paint a scary or exciting things.

"My answer to that is try to look at the contents of this work, which is more important than the author, I guess," he said.

The process of making paintings include making initial sketches with pen or graphite, and then prepare a "cat" taste in his private studio.

After that he used a brush to draw a surreal, usually brownish-red image showing the shape of the human body, sometimes described have been damaged, with an abstract background.

It took more than three months to complete larger paintings are more detailed. Price paintings range from 950 dollars to 26,000 dollars.

Rock and blues musician Gregg Allman is the buyer Castiglia paintings made in 2006 titled "Gravity".

The exhibition "Resurrection" the theme of the transience of the world interest Castiglia and harmony between life and death, such as quoted by Reuters.

As an example, he cites the painting titled "Feeding" featuring a woman sitting in a wheelchair with foot rot was looking at a breastfeeding baby.

Castiglia said he sees it as an expression of the fragility of life and hope and encouragement with her.

His work was also exhibited primarily in the United States and Europe, but the work Castiglia also known by lovers of horror movies and heavy metal.

In 2010, Castiglia's work is used in a poster for a horror film Savage County and other paintings ditampilan as album art for heavy metal band Triptykon Switzerland in the same year.

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