torn paper can also be a beautiful work of art

unique newstorn paper can also be a beautiful work of art Art does not just have to draw with a brush or other painting tools. In China, an artist makes portraits of world leaders from the rip on a piece of paper.

 Wang Jiang, 25-year-old boy began to learn the art of tearing paper since seven years ago. Until now, Wang has created more than a thousand pictures.

Wang usually rely on imagination to create a work. But this time his picture enjoy doing is creating a profile political figures and faces of famous world figures such as Barack Obama and Osama bin Laden. Wang also had to make a line drawing world celebrities, such as Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee and David Beckham.

unique newsAccording to Wang, tearing paper is an art that is very easy, however, it required years of training to make the subject an accurate picture, without using a sketch or outline at the beginning of ripped paper. To complete the work, Wang takes 10-15 minutes, and requires full concentration in order to produce good work.

Art is a traditional art of tearing paper. This art has existed in China since thousands of years ago.

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